Temple of Christ Christian Church, Inc.

Camden NJ, Opasi & Kaisgera Kenya


Place of Worship

1202 Yorkship Square

Camden, NJ  08104







US Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2965

Camden, NJ 08101

Contact Phone



Kenya Mailing Address 

P.O Box 820-404000






About the Pastors

Rev. Marlene Griggs-Warner is married to Rev. Errol Mason Warner Jr.  They have a blended family of one daughter, three sons, two grandchildren and two great-grands. 

Pastor Errol M Warner Jr. is an anointed dynamic man of godly integrity who heads the Men's ministry, evangelism and outreach, teaches Sunday School, Thursday night Bible Study, preaches and leads in praise and worship.

Rev. Griggs-Warner is an anointed vessel and used of God for teaching, preaching and counseling. She teaches seminars in  the Gifts of The Spirit, Deliverance, Chaplaincy, Counseling Christians, founding a church, organizing a Day Care Ministry in the Church, organizing your Bible Academy, starting a 501(c)3 ministry, Counseling ministry and on-going training and ordination for ministers.

God has blessed our Pastors in establishing Temples of Christ Outreach & Fellowship of Christian Churches, Inc., Temple of Christ Christian Church in Camden, NJ,  Temple of Christ Christian Church Opasi & Kaisgera Kenya, Temples of Christ Bible Academy,The Way Community Development Corporation and Community School of Adult Careers, Inc.